How It Works

We understand that most things in life are complex. So at Willingness, we try to make everything as friendly as possible and easy to use. Using the services of a childminder is pretty straight forward. You only need to follow the easy steps here below. But before you read through, we would like you to know that we select our childminders carefully. Our childminders are trained and have a solid background to work with children.

So, what you need to do is:

1) Read through the profiles of our childminders and choose the person who seems to fit your needs and liking.
2) Check their availability through the calendar provided. We have also color coded the calendar for ease of reference.
3) Call the number +356 7928 6702 to secure your booking.
4) Pay online through bank transfer on the details we will provide you.

Our childminder will ask for a preliminary visit which will serve as a platform for you and your child to meet with the childminder. During this session, the childminder will make a few inquiries about your child’s routine, likes and dislikes, and any other information that will be useful for the childminder whilst with your child.

As you are out, the childminder will keep you updated with the progress of the session by sending three messages throughout the session. In this way you can enjoy your outing knowing that your child is in safe hands.