Got Questions?

How much does the service cost?

The fees include resources and report writing at the end of each session.


    • Bookings between 06:00 – 23:59 hrs – €10 per hour, per minder
    • Bookings between 00:00 – 05:59 hrs (Luxury Hours) – €13 per hour, per minder
    • Bookings made with less than 24 hours notice (Luxury Hours) – €13 per hour
    • Bookings for Specialised Service – €13 per hour
    • Transportation fee – €10 per trip (not including return)*
    • Late arrival charge – €13 charged at every start of the hour

*any requested transportation of children by car shall be charged at a rate of €10 per trip (not including return – ex. Taking a child to basketball practice [€10] and bringing child back home [€10]: Total: €20). Please note that the commute of the childminder(s) to your premises of choice shall not be charged.

Fees for Childminding in Events: Contact for more information.
Cancellation Policy: The full amount shall be charged and no reimbursement may be affected for any cancellations made within a 48 hour period before the start of the planned minding sessions.

How do I pay for this service?

Payment for service can be made online via bank transfer. The details for bank transfer shall be sent to you by email. Please note that the booking may be secured once the payment has been processed.

What if I decide to cancel at the last minute?

In case of cancellation, you need only contact the number +356 99443005 as presented on the website. However, there is a cancellation policy which states that cancellations within 48 hours of the service may not be reimbursed.

How safe is it to place my child with the childminder?

All childminders have been screened through a meticulous process of selection. Following that, all childminders have undergone training to place them more strongly in work with children. Furthermore, all childminders are regularly supervised and a system of oncall serves to monitor the service and to offer support on the day.

Why do you send a maximum of three messages?

We can send more. However the intention of this service is to provide parents with a space in time where they can go out. We believe that your focus will inevitably be on the children at home should many messages be sent, and this would ultimately defeat the purpose. However, do not worry, the childminder will be asking for an ICE (in case of emergency) number which will be used in times of trouble.

Can I pre-book a number of sessions in advance?

You may book as many sessions as you feel you need. Just follow the same process on the website. Bookings with the childminder are not encouraged as this may create issues with the management of schedules.

Do I need to provide activity resources (toys)?

The childminders will be getting their resources, however it is encouraged if you could leave familiar toys and resources for your child.

Can I meet the childminder before making a final decision?

Actually we encourage you to meet with the childminder before. In fact, before the actual session, the childminder will be requesting a meeting with you to discuss a few items before the day. Please use this opportunity to vet the childminder and develop a connection with the person yourself.

What happens in case of emergency?

The childminder will be asking you for an ICE (in case of Emergency) number to use in situations of emergency. The childminder will also be updating the supervisor on call from Willingness, who will be providing ongoing support until you arrive.

What age ranges do the childminders cater for?

The childminders have received training and are competent to cater for  nthe needs of children of all ages. However, each childminder provides areas of preference on the website. Go through each bio and see whom of the childminders fits your needs.

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